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KDI is not your typical demolition company. We are family-owned and operated and choose to strategically deconstruct with environmental purpose. We combine generations of experience in the industry with a progressive vision for future sustainability. 

We are based out of Kitchener and are proud to serve Southwestern Ontario. Proven experts in demolition, selective deconstruction, excavation and environmental site works, we look forward to assisting with your next project.

Demolition & Deconstruction can be hazardous at times. KDI (Kieswetter Demolition Inc.) is dedicated to taking every precaution necessary to ensure the health and safety of our employees, the community, and the environment. This mandate is achieved through the following initiatives:

  • All employees are subject to KDI safety program training, receive a copy of health
    and safety policy, and complete all up-to-date training programs and certification

  • Comprehensive Job Safety Analysis ahead of all work

  • Appointment of on-site safety manager at all project locations

  • Regularly scheduled toolbox meetings to review health and safety protocols

  • In addition to our safety program, KDI is fully insured & bonded.
    We carry commercial and environmental liability insurance that exceeds industry standards.




KDI is equipped to effectively dismantle a wide variety of structures. Residential, commercial, agricultural & industrial. Our highly skilled team will strategically deconstruct whatever might be standing in the way of your next development.

Through our partnership with The Timeless Material Co and longstanding company values, the environmental implications are of great importance to us. Not only will this be reflected in our means of on-site activity, but in our repurposing of building materials for a second life. This is what sets KDI apart.



Southwestern Ontario land values continue to rise which is reflected in the amount of development that is taking place at a given time. Deconstruction + Demolition is only one step of the redevelopment process, especially if there is contamination involved.

Whether your project requires excavation of contaminated soil, offsite treatment & disposal or on- site treatment, KDI will get the job done right. All of our work is carried out under the direction and in accordance with MOE regulations. We are happy to work on behalf of clients and partners to fulfill any & all LEED requirements to earn certification.



KDI has the trained to team and extensive fleet of equipment to act swiftly in the time of crisis. It comes with a lot of pride and responsibility that we offer this service to the greater region and beyond. Prompt and effective communication is the heart of this service and what our longstanding relationship with the Ontario Fire Marshall’s office has been built on. 

We are available 24/7:

Dave Kieswetter




KDI specializes in the safe and effective removal of all hazardous materials that we come across.

KDI’s team of trained professionals will determine a risk assessment, then implement a comprehensive abatement management plan for your project. 



On site custom concrete crushing can be a valuable process that can reduce construction costs and pollution, while providing repurposed material for your new project.

The team at KDI is well equipped and trained to take advantage of this on your next project. 



During the deconstruction process our team will carefully salvage anything that could be repurposed for a second use or life elsewhere. Industrial salvage can come in many forms from steel, plywood, brick/masonry, electrical to machinery.  Check out some of our inventory here, but contact us for specific inquiries. 

Sales yard hours: Mon - Thurs 7-3
By appointment 
Contact Tim at 519-505-3813 or



Our partner company The Timeless Material Co. is responsible for all reclaimed wood sales from our projects. Flooring, shiplap, boardstock, timbers and custom designed millwork.

Contact them at 519-883-8683 or visit their website at



KDI has the experience and expertise to take down any building of any size. Aside from the traditional demolition & excavation services however, we have become industry leaders in the deconstruction of historic structures. Our team has been fortunate enough to bring this environmentally conscious approach to the following projects:



Demolition Head Office

235 Madison Ave. S.

Kitchener, ON N2M 3H5

Tel: 519.883.4125

Fax: 519.883.0170

Monday-Friday - 8AM - 5PM

Saturday-Sunday - Closed
24/7 emergency service - call Dave @ 519.505.3820

Sales Yard Hours

Monday-Thursday - 7AM - 3 PM
by appointment
Tim - 519.505.3813

Need a quote for your job? Contact us Here.

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